Cataplana Algarvia project


The Cataplana Algarvia project was born out of a realization that although this cooking utensil is the symbol of the region’s gastronomy, little is known about it, compared to other iconic utensils like the tajine or the wok.

To remedy this situation, the Tertúlia Algarvia, the Algarve Tourism Board, and the Algarve Promotion Bureau joined forces to develop contents and promote experiences to encourage the use of the cataplana, with financial support from the Algarve 21 Operational Program.

The results of this joint effort are now available on this website. Here, you can watch videos of cataplana recipes being prepared by eight renowned chefs: Augusto Lima, Carlos Valente, Chakall, Frederico Lopes, Henrique Leandro, Justa Nobre, Lígia Santos, and Nuno Diniz.

These recipes are also included in the book ‘Cataplana Algarvia: Tradições e Recriações’, (Algarve Cataplana – Traditions and Reinterpretations), which contains more than 40 recipes. If you would like to cook them for your family and friends, you can download this publication free on this website.

Another way to get into the world of the cataplana is through the ‘Cataplana for all´experiential programs, which challenge you to don your apron and participate in a cooking class that culminates in a meal full of the flavours and aromas of the Algarve.

Cataplana beyond borders

The videos and the book, published in several languages, are only two of the ways in which the project takes the cataplana and the cuisine of the Algarve beyond borders.

During the implementation phase of this initiative, several live cooking demonstrations were held in different cities across the Algarve, attracting 12,000 residents and visitors.  

Tourist agencies and journalists from various countries also had the opportunity to learn about the huge potential of the cataplana, through cooking classes and demonstrations held in Portugal and abroad.

If you don’t yet know about all these possibilities, why not stay a little longer and explore all the information we have made available to you online. We are sure that afterwards, the cataplana will end up becoming a regular feature on your dining table.